What is Live Casino?

As you get more familiar with online casino sites, you may begin to notice that many of them have “live casino” sections. These games aim to create a land-based casino adventure with the ease of an online game.

Visit the live section to play blackjack, baccarat, or roulette with an exquisite female or handsome men dealers. You can stay in your pajamas as you are drawn into the ambiance of a live casino.

We have done some of the hard work for you by reviewing several sites. Check out the information below to find out where the best live casino games are.

What is ‘Live Casino’ and How Does It Work?

If you are used to playing regular online casino games, you will notice several differences in the live versions. The attractive dealer is only one of these variations.

The graphics are different, for one thing. The pictures are made you feel surrounded by the sights and sounds of a real casino. Compared to the basic graphics seen on regular online games, these can be very complex. The games for live casinos are usually filmed on a set, however, not in a real casino.

The games are filmed this way to avoid the disturbance of players in a land-based casino. There would be too many cameras necessary for filming in an action-packed casino. The dealer and cards must be clearly shown. The sites, however, do their best to bring realistic sights and sounds to your screen.

Modern technology assures that live casino games present a lively background. The dealer can be seen shuffling and serving cards. Since a dealer leads these games, the Random Number Generation (RNG) program is not necessary for these versions.

The Lowdown on Live Casino Technology

The live casino games show how far technology has come over the years. These games combine convenience with a regular life experience to allow players to adventure right from their screen.

Various software providers offer different features and levels of reality. The technology needed is changing and becoming better all the time. A good casino site will keep up with the latest live casino trends. Some live games depend on the dealer to be a host, while others let you be more involved with a message box on the screen. The dealer can then respond to any questions or comments from the player by talking to them.

It is essential to be clear about the software used for live gaming. This software comes from a third-party company. The casino site uses a software provider to supply the games and graphics. They often use more than one to ensure a good variety of games.

There are not many of these software providers available. There are a select few that specialize in casino gaming. Few providers with many casino sites result in repeat graphics and game choices. Initiate some research before you decide to switch casino sites. You may find that your new site has the same dealer or game feature as the last one. However, it does help to reassure that casino sites have some stability and healthy reputations.

Look on your casino site to see who the provider is for the site. Choose a casino site with a different provider if you want to see a difference. Some of the well-known providers are Playtech and Microgaming. Evolution Gaming is also a popular provider.

A Guide to Different Types of Live Dealer Games

Certain games are better played live than others. These games need to move quickly and harbor easy directions. The list below tells about the best games for live play.

  • Roulette: The European version is the main one used for British gamers. There is zero, which contributes to a lower house edge. The US version has a double zero gameplay mode, also. French roulette is available on many platforms, as well. The house edge, however, lowers. Monetary assets are often purchased and later won back with up to 50% return.

  • Poker: The live version of Poker is made to resemble hold’em. It is, in turn, a version of Texas hold’em. This game is run as house versus player instead of a single player against a group of players. Bets start out more considerable than in the regular online versions. Prepare to spend more money.

  • Baccarat: This fast-paced game does well in a live casino. There are many rules for this game. It can be played, however, even if you are not familiar with all of them. The punto-banco variety does best live. Baccarat is enjoyed by high-ranking gamblers and experienced dealers.

  • Blackjack: Blackjack requires minimal decision-making and can be played very simply. This allows the game to move along quickly. There are seven players needed before a jackpot can rise extremely high. The necessity of a more significant number of players can make the games move a bit more slowly. Blackjack, however, is still a favorite among live casino gamers.

Are Live Dealer Games the Future or Just a Trend?

Live casino games have shown their persistence over many years. It confirms that they are not a fad. They are also showing many new features and better technology as time goes on. Players are enjoying the real-life experience.

More people are playing these games on their mobile devices. Live casino games are now offered by some casinos on their apps. Touchscreens may soon be incorporated into the casino experience, as well. Improvement is always a goal. Internet speeds are constantly improving and stand to make live games more reliable.

Take some time to look over our reviews of the most prevalent live casino gaming sites. Once you find the right site, there is no stopping the fun.

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