Instant Play vs Download Casino

In the world of casino gaming there two main choices available. These are the instant-play and the download versions. Instant play is often referred to as the Flash option. Different features accompany each play method. Some of these a variety of games, quality, and pace. Most players have a favorite way. However, the differences are often barely noticeable. We will discuss some of the pros and cons of each type in this article.


In the early casino websites, there was no choice of game types. Casino games appeared in the 1990’s. The download version was the only one available during this time. Advancements in technology made this unnecessary later on. The entire casino program had to be downloaded onto a hard drive for use during this casino gaming phase.

This requirement made access to games more difficult and often very slow. The download, alone, could take hours. This was due to the software quality and early dial-up internet speeds. However games usually have outstanding graphics, high quality, and no loading times after the download complete. These features often surpass the instant play versions in many ways.

Download vs Instant-Play- ‘Flash’

Mansion Casino is one of the most well-known download casinos. Mansion and other download-based casinos are often known for their high-quality graphics and seamless games execution. Appearance, audio, and speed are often exceptional on downloading casino games.

The reason for these enhanced features is the direct access from your computer. There is no dependency on the internet once the game is on your hard drive.  A slow internet connection cannot interfere with gameplay.

Desktop players may have access to a larger selection of games. This is often a choice made by the software developer. Most other features, however, remain the same. The bonuses, withdrawal, and payment options are identical on both versions.

Download casinos do come with some disadvantages, however. The software must be downloaded on your computer, often interfering with computer performance. These programs tend to be quite large, and download times are significant. Bandwidth use often reaches a maximum during this action.

Download versions may not be compatible with your operating system. They have a reputation for having issues with Linux, especially. There has been some recent effort to remedy this problem, however. A majority still focus on Mac and Windows due to the popularity of these systems. Mobile availability is also restricted in many cases. Apps are available from many casino sites and offer availability on both iOS and Android. However, sites usually work better in instant game mode on mobile devices.

Concern over viruses often deters players from choosing download versions. Uncertainty about the safety of the software can be a real problem. Casino sites are usually safe and secure. It is essential, however, to check for proper regulation and licensing.

The instant-play (Flash) choice is pretty new. Modern technology has made this option more enjoyable by improving the quality and browser compatibility. You can now depend on instant-play casinos to be available and easy to use. Casumo Casino is one of the leading sites for instant-play gaming. Many browsers are now compatible with casino games. These include Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The most helpful technology in this endeavor is the HTML5 software. It has played an integral part in helping games to maintain fluency across all platforms.

Our Pick: Instant Play

Most people are a fan of keeping their computers clear of extra programs. The instant-play casino option is gaining momentum in its popularity. It is quickly becoming the primary playing format. Players like to have a variety of casino sites to choose from without downloading software from multiple sites. Instant-play gives gamers more variety.

Improvements in internet technology have also contributed to the rise of instant-play popularity. Reliable Wi-Fi connections, a 4G connection, or a fast internet connection contribute to a better instant-play experience. Players are can also try out new sites before making a commitment when they choose instant-play. It can be a hassle to uninstall software if the game is not enjoyable.

Instant-play casinos also give you the option to play on your account from different devices. Downloaded versions must always be played from the same device. With instant play you can sign into your account from your computer, phone, or tablet. This is an excellent option for playing while out and about.

The number of games is still limited on many instant-play casinos. The download versions always offer a wider variety of games. A slow internet connection will also interfere with instant-play casino interaction. If you have slow internet or an old computer, the download version may be necessary. Otherwise, difficulties may arise.

Consult the list below for a full breakdown of the pros and cons.


Games stored on your computer's hard drive

Higher graphics quality

Enhanced audio

More games

Most games work great in any browser

Graphic and audio quality can be nearly identical to download

No need to download software

Can easily switch between different casinos

Great way to try a new casino

Can play from any device with your account.


Download takes a lot of bandwidth

Needs a lot of space on your computer

Can affect computer performance

Not always compatible with all operating systems

Can contain viruses

May not feature as many games

Requires a fast Internet connection and newer device.


There are pros and cons supporting each method of gameplay. The great news is that both versions are now widely available. In the early years of online casinos, not everyone had access to instant-play. The computer and connection requirements were much more expensive and most people could not afford them. Recent technology has improved the quality of instant-play games. Software developers have put more effort into the instant-play versions now that more people can access them. The quality has improved immensely, and there is currently slight variation between the two gaming platforms.

Individuals often have their own preferences when it comes to gaming options. Instant-play is a much better option for those with modern computer equipment or those that use public computers. If you want to play on multiple devices, the Flash-play casinos make gaming simpler, as well.

Older computers and slow internet may require that you use the download version of casino games. You can also choose the download version if you prefer a larger game selection. However, it is the best to be selective when committing to a download casino. Software downloads take up space on your computer. Multiple downloads can significantly slow down your computer.

You are usually offered a choice of game method from most of online casinos. Take some time to look over the reviews before deciding on your play method.

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